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Work Package 1 - Historical Data

Monitoring Data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Projects

  • Miss Clara Mackenzie (Bangor University)
  • Dr. Shelagh Malham (Bangor University)

SUSFISH has collated various historical and current monitoring data from a range of sources (e.g. BIM, CEFAS, DEFA, EA, ICES, MI, SAFHOS) for a number of factors (e.g. temperature, salinity, pH,  phytoplankton abundance). This data allows for a detailed and accurate depiction of  historical and current conditions (i.e. baseline) and may be used to predict environmental conditions in the Irish sea over the next 60 years.


SUSFISH has produced several ArcMap 9.3.1 GIS projects (Fig. 1) to be used collectively as a platform for integration of historical monitoring, ecological/biological (including disease) and socioeconomic data of the Irish Sea.  In addition to providing information on current conditions in the Irish Sea, these projects will be a valuable tool for depicting how future climate scenarios may impact shellfish species across the area and as such, will be critical to the development of future guidelines for shellfish management and policy in the Irish Sea.

Figure 1.  SUSFISH GIS project:  Monitoring Data